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——姚坤杰 复旦大学 2010 年中方代表

IMUSE 2017 Application Guide

——Frequently Asked Questions for IMUSE 2017


IMUSE 2017 Program:

Q: What is IMUSE?

A: Founded collaboratively by Harvard University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University students in 2008, the Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange (IMUSE) is an elite program aiming to foster mutual curiosity, understanding, and respect between people in China, Europe, and the United States. We provide top college students and graduate students from these regions a high-quality forum for intimate discussions and in-depth personal reflections about the key issues affecting China and the world today.


Q: How much do I need to pay for IMUSE 2017 Beijing Program?

A: 1. Conference Fee: 0

( Including conference expenses and 7 days' accommodation in Beijing, yet travelling expenses are not included.)

2. Transportation: Current running price

* In concerns of budget, we try to strike out balance between guaranteeing project quality and unloading delegates’ financial pressure, thus the delegates are expected to pay for travel expenses to Beijing. We hope you understand this charge since the committee will disburse most of the cost. We believe that you will definitely gain more than you pay.

Application Process

Q: When will I know the final result of my application?

A: Final results will come out around early June. IMUSE 2017 Organizing Committee will send Congratulation Letters, Waiting List Letters, or Rejection Letters to applicants respectively when the results are finalized.

* Please note that the IMUSE 2017 application system runs on a rolling basis. If you are an early bird, you are likely to get your offer early.

Q: Does IMUSE 2017 have any major restrictions for applicants?

A: As you can see in the program schedule, we have fun and various themes and activities. All these activities do not require professional knowledge in a certain field. Since this is a program targeting at initiating mutual understanding, we yearn for applicants of different gender, nationality, background, major, belief and experience.

Q: What quality is required for delegates?

A: Our interview aims at discovering the potentials of the applicants. Therefore, we will not merely focus on your previous achievements (although it remains to be an important part to explore your character). From our perspective, eligible delegates are people with a logical and critical way of thinking and the ability to analyze and express explicitly. Meanwhile, we would like to see you with a global view and an earnest concern for the society, which are the key qualifications for future leaders. Above all, we expect our delegates to be UNIQUE. Previous experiences in international communication activities are also preferred.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the interview?

A: Applicants needn’t do any background research for our interview. The content of the interview will be confidential and random as well. Interviewees needn’t be nervous because we only want to see your initial response to things, communication ability and pattern of thinking.

Q: I’m an applicant for IMUSE 2017 but am currently unavailable to come to Beijing to attend the interview, what is the relevant solution?

A: Skype will be the first choice. We understand applicants’ difficulty in traveling, and we provide online interview for these potential delegates. We have a complete selecting system, which includes material verification, phone screening and conference call. Applicants need not worry about this problem.


Q: Will I get a certificate, after fully participating in IMUSE programs?

A: Yes! Delegates who have fully participated in an IMUSE program will receive an official certificate signed by all IMUSE board members.

Q: Will there be any official publication to collect and present delegates’ ideas?

A: Yes. IMUSE organizing committee would arrange a session for all delegates, before closing ceremony, to conclude and present their ideas and thoughts after several days’ lectures and discussion. A written works collection will be published in form of an e-magazine. IMUSE 2017 reserves the copyrights of all such works.

After Being Selected as an IMUSE 2017 Delegate

Q: I’m an overseas applicant, staying outside China. Will IMUSE help me get a VISA to China?

A:Yes, IMUSE will provide an invitation letter and a draft schedule for reference to facilitate you to get the VISA.