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I originally chose to join IMUSE largely on a whim because I happened to be friends with some of my Chinese classmates who were originally involved in the decision to launch the project. It turned out to be a truly valuable opportunity to work on a big project together with a number of classmates and tackle a range of challenges around project management, content planning, and relationship management.

——Evan Korhbluh 哈佛大学 2009年美方组委会主席




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作为一个发展成熟、立足精英的平台,IMUSE拥有丰富优质的校友资源,并与各类组织保持良好的关系。完整参与IMUSE会期之后,你将成为IMUSE Alumni网络的一员,优先获得IMUSE领导力训练活动的内推机会。