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一个人,不大可能仅仅通过两周时间, 就了解一种截然不同的文化。美国人做不到,中国人也做不到。IMUSE 活动时间虽然短暂,但这短暂的 14 天却给了我们一个好的开始,而短暂过后的持续则让这次活动的意义得到升华。

——裴迪 清华大学 2009 中方代表


主办方: 清华大学学生对外交流协会ASIC、北京大学学生国际交流协会SICA、

Established in 2007, Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange (IMUSE), was initiated jointly by students from Harvard University, Peking University and Tsinghua University. In 2017,MIT China Development Initiative become a part of our team. During these years, IMUSE has been following the concept of standing on China and the US to view the globe,recruiting delegates globally. By means of field trips, firsthand experiences and in-depth discussion on current issues in China and the US, the program boost understanding and establishing friendship among outstanding students throughout the world,existing as one of the most influential comprehensive programs held unofficially in Mainland China for student exchange. Meanwhile, IMUSE has been developing its elite network and long-term communication platform to create positive atmosphere for further affiliation.

中美大学生交流论坛IMUSE(Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange)创立于2007年,由哈佛大学、北京大学、清华大学三校学子共同发起,自2017年起,美国麻省理工学院中国发展行动社团(CDI)加入到团队中。IMUSE一直秉承着“立足中美,放眼全球”的理念,面向全球招募代表,通过实地考察、亲身体验以及对热点问题的探讨,促进全球菁英学子在沟通中增进理解、在互动中建立友谊,是目前中国大陆影响力最大的综合性非官方青年交流项目之一。IMUSE维持并发展精英网络,积极推动活动参与者在会期之后的联络与其他活动合作,搭建起一个长期的交流平台。

From 2008 to 2016, nine IMUSE forums have been successfully held. Outstanding students from all over the world gathered in Beijing to carry out an exchange activity lasting for about a week. After having a visit to American Universities in 2008, China forum in Oxford, and tour in Hong Kong, the delegates have already left their footprints all over the world. Meanwhile, IMUSE has also received broad social attention. Famous actor and philanthropist Li Lianjie, John Thornton, former President of Goldman Sachs, and Wu Yibin, board member of McKinsey were invited to IMUSE activities to share their views with the delegates over global issues.

从2008年到2016年,九届交流论坛已经成功举办。每年夏季,来自世界各地的优秀青年代表相聚北京,开展为期一周左右的交流活动。此外,IMUSE也曾举办美国、英国、香港会期,以这样的方式,帮助中美精英学生们在交流与探访中践行他们“心怀世界”的理想。同时,IMUSE 也受到中美社会的关注,知名表演家、慈善家李连杰,前高盛全球总裁 John Thornton,麦肯锡资深董事吴亦兵等各界知名人士都曾应邀出席IMUSE活动,与代表们一同指点江山,激扬文字。

The program is now recruiting delegates globally for its 2017 Summer Meeting in China. Now, IMUSE has become a mature organization and turned to focus on utility and culture differences. We always stick to helping students fulfill their great ambitions to initiate mutual understanding and become a better global citizen, which is the reason why our story never ends.

IMUSE2017正在面向全球招募2017夏季中国会期代表。步入2017年,IMUSE褪去生涩,将目光投向当代中国公益事业的蓬勃与先锋艺术文化的繁荣。 IMUSE始终坚守这样的信念——帮助中美青年学子增进理解,成为更好的世界公民。正是如此,它的故事才得以延续,而年复一年, 所有杰出的代表们,优秀的项目团队,以及所有关注 IMUSE 的人们,将一起继续书写它未竟的传奇。